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100% Legal, No More Boring Hard Hats

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We love the hats they look great and we have lots of compliments on how good they look.  (We will be ordering some more in the near future).  I have recommended you to one of our suppliers and forwarded on your contact details.

Thanks again



Customer service on point and the hat looks awesome.



Fast and efficient. The best customer service I’ve received in a long time. Such a cool and quality product as well 👌🏼👍🏼



Excellent customer service. got a amazing custom piece on the back of my one. Now i don't even need to wear sunnies anymore to get that cool factor going ;)



Awesome hat and great customer service


Our Hard Hats

We’ve spent 5 years refining the process of making Cool Hard Hats so that they meet NZ health and safety requirments.  Starting with looking for hard hats that have some built in epic features.  All of our AS/NZS1801 approved hard hat shells are vented and have a 6 point removable harness.  The harness keeps that hard hat off your head to help with cooling and ventilation. It also centres the hard hat so it's comfortable and secure for a full days work.  We only use hard hats with ratchet adjustment harness so that you can easily adjust your fit for your work environment. If you need a hard hat to stay on at height, you can use the chin strap attachment or buy a hard hat with a build in 4 point chin strap.  Our One Size Fits All harness can accommodate a beanie in colder weather or a cooling pad in warmer temperatures. They will also fit mode head sizes - XL included.

The hard hats can fit a range of accessories. You can pair a cap style hard hat with a brow guard, visor and ear muffs for forestry work or if your working in a site with low light, use the hats with a lamp attachment.  This allows you to securely attach a torch to the front of your hard hat and clip the battery to the back. Take it a step further with a range of reflective stickers and strips on the hard hat for high visibility. The replaceable harness and sweat band are standard on the entire range.

Our range of hard hats is not available at any of the hardware stores in NZ - Bunnings, Mitre10, or K-Mart, and you cannot get them on Ebay, Esty, or Amazon.  They are only available from our store online. We can ship worldwide and can get product to you quickly if you live in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the USA.

Our hard hats have a lightweight and durable ABS shell and come in a range of standard colours: white, red, green, yellow, and orange.  You can also add reflective strips for increased visibility. Or for the next step in hard hat design get yours with a custom design.

The custom designed hard hats offer a range of cool ready made patterns, the hex pattern gives you hard hat a carbon fiber look.  Raindrop gives the hat a wet finish. Our other graphic designs include skulls, cartoon characters, superheroes, and bikini babes.  If these styles don’t suit or you are looking for something really special and custom, make your own design with a logo from your favorite team or beer.  We can print your design onto a hard hat. We have no art fees or charges for extra colours.

Another way to customise your hard hat is to include a logo or name are part of your design.  We use high quality German UV resistant vinyl. We will turn your logo into a high quality vinyl decal to advertise your business or celebrate a special occasion.  

Our hard hats are perfect for a range of applications; engineers, builders, civil, commercial and private construction, traffic management, lineman and height access workers and labour recruitment agencies that need to ensure their workers have appropriate protection for the different sites they work on.  Our miner range of hard hats work in all mining situations too.

To comply with NZ safety requirements we stamp all of our custom hard hats with a sticker so that you can record the date of first use.  The standard requires all hard hats to be replaced every 2 years regardless of their condition. We use ABS plastic hats rather than the MSA style hard hats that use HDPE plastic because we can make a more light weight product which allows for improved safety because you won’t need to take it off as often and you neck strain will reduce.  These helmets are designed for work sites rather than climbing so you don’t pay extra for unnecessary standards like the Petzel hard hats and with a reduction in the hat fill we keep them lightweight and easy to use with improved ventilation when compared to the Apex Helmets.

Our hats are manufactured in Western Australia in a state of the art facility by the Cool Hard Hats manufacturing team then shipped to New Zealand for dispatch. The Cool Hard Hat team uses very specific hydrographic techniques and specially formulated chemicals to produce the hats. Ordinary hydrographics can not be used in the process of making the hat as the chemicals can effect the shell of the hard hats and void the safety standards. Cool Hard Hats have invested a lot of time and effort in creating a product that meets all standards. The hard hats have been rigorously tested in laboratories to meet AS/NZS1801 standards.

Our hats are extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant and extremely comfortable to wear. Join the 1000s of people already wearing our product a customise your work wear. 100% Legal, 100% Cool!

Our custom designs cover the entire outside of the hard hat and will not fade or easily scratch. Each hat is individually dipped and completely unique. All our printing is done in our  Western Australia workshop and shipped worldwide.

This is not a sticker so any future defects or cracks can be spotted as in accordance with New Zealand design rules and laws . 

Suitable for construction, mining and industrial applications. 

Talk to us today about your specific requirements.