Full Brim Hard Hats

Meet NZ Safety requirements with these wide brim hard hats have a full brim all the way around the hat.  This large brim helps with sun protection and keeps the rain out of your eyes in the rainy season.   These hats are AS/NZS1801 approved hard hat shells, they are vented and have a 6 point removable harness. The harness keeps the hard hat off your head to help with cooling and ventilation. It also centers the hard hat so it's comfortable and secure for a full day's work.  We only use hard hats with ratchet adjustment harness so that you can easily adjust your fit for your work environment.  They are cool and meet health and safety requirements.

These full brim hard hats accommodate the replaceable ratchet tightening harness and the replaceable sweatband. You can also get other accessories for the hard hat to extend the brim even further, making it a jumbo brim.  These are the best vented wide brim hard hats on the market and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

We have a full range of colours; yellow, green, blue, white and red.  But if you are looking for something cooler, try our custom range of graphic designed hats.  Or for a real custom job, talk to us about having one of our graphic design team create a one of a kind design.  We can use your favorite team logos such as the 49ers or an NRL or Super Rugby team.

Our custom full brim hard hats are hydro-dipped by hand in our factory in Perth, Western Australia and shipped to New Zealand for distribution.