Custom Company Hard Hats

Do you want everyone in your team to have the same look?  Want to make the most of your advertising and PPE budgets.  We have your solution.  Cool Hard Hats are the only company in NZ that can put ANY artwork or logo on a hard hat.  Because we hydro dip our hats rather than stamp them, we can put logos in places others can't and we can use as many different colours as needed.  We are only limited by imagination and the size of the various hat surfaces.

Our hard hats have a lightweight and durable ABS shell and come in a range of standard colours: white, red, green, yellow, and orange.  You can also add reflective strips for increased visibility. Or for the next step in hard hat design get yours with a custom design.

You could use one of our custom range of cool ready-made patterns, hex pattern gives your hard hat a carbon fibre look.  Raindrop gives the hat a wet finish. Our other graphic designs include skulls, cartoon characters, super heros, and other epic styles.  If these styles don’t suit or you are looking for something really special and custom, make your own design with your business logo from.  You have spent money on the logo, so why not maximize its viability.  We can print your design onto a hard hat. We have no art fees or charges for extra colours.

We can position your image on the front, back, and sides of the hard hat.  Either using high-quality German UV resistant vinyl through our custom water slide process. We will turn your logo into a high-quality decal to advertise your business.  

Our hard hats are perfect for a range of applications; engineers, builders, civil, commercial and private construction, traffic management, lineman and height access workers and labour recruitment agencies that need to ensure their workers have appropriate protection for the different sites they work on.  Our miner range of hard hats is suitable in all mining situations too.

Our process is far superior to pad printing hard hats.  The logos won't scratch off, you aren't restricted to a range of limited colours, you can place them anywhere on the hard hat.

To comply with AS/NZS1801 we stamp all of our custom hard hats with a sticker so that you can record the date of first use.  The standard requires all hard hats to be replaced every 2 years regardless of their condition.

"But the Price!" Yes, these are premium hard hats.  We use top quality hydro-graphic film and NZ Health and Safety rated hard hat shells. When you combine this, we've managed to create a top quality product that advertises your business while you work.  We create a custom hydro-graphic finish using your business logo.  We can make a brick print, cross weave print or a random print using the exact colours of your logo.  This is then hydro dipped onto the hard hats and finished with a high gloss finish for superb durability and finish.  There are no other products like this on the market and other workers and passers-by do notice these hats and their business.

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Discounts apply on large orders.

Because we custom makes these, there is a lead time of up to 4 weeks.

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