Cap Style Hard Hats

With a peek at the front of these hard hats you will keep the sun and the rain out of your eyes while you work.  Our lightweight shells are made from ABS plastic so that you can wear the hat all day without strain.

Our hard hats are perfect for a range of applications; lineman and height access workers, civil, commercial and private construction, engineers, builders, traffic management, and labor recruitment agencies that need to ensure their workers have appropriate protection under NZ health and safety law for the different sites they work on.

With a replaceable 6 point ratchet harness this style of hard hat is easily secured on your head with one hand and you can fit a chin strap for added security.  This style of hard hat can also accommodate a range of accessories to maximize the range of environments in which this hat style will meet NZ safety requirements.  Add a brow guard to attach a visor to your custom hard hat or consider earmuffs if you need them too.

We custom hydro-dip our cap style hard hats to offer you a range of cool ready-made patterns including skulls, cartoon characters, superheroes, and bikini babes.  If these styles don’t suit or you are looking for something really special and custom, make your own design with a logo from your favorite team or beer. We can print your design onto a hard hat.  We have no art fees or charges for extra colours.

Our cap style hard hats will comply with NZ safety standard AS/NZS1801 and we stamp them with a sticker to remind you to replace them every two years.